I just got back from getting a bunch of finishing materials, everything minus the lacquer for the color and clear. The sanding sealer I got DOES NOT say nitrocellulose lacquer on it anywhere but I'm pretty sure it's the same stuff I've been reading about in forums, would someone please confirm this?

I'm finishing a alder strat body. Starting with Old Masters grain filler (oil-based) then Deft S&S (?nitrocellulose? lacquer based) and finally BIN primer (shallac). Any comments on the process or the materials I have would be appreciated.

Do you think I should spray or brush the S&S / primer. If I spray them I'd have to use the aresol cans there, I don't have a real sprayer. Whatever I don't use I can return.

so, to clairify here's what I have:
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the 2nd comment was good too