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I'm planning on using it as the first song on the album I'm working on, but I'm wondering if it has the impact that it's going to need.

Also, should raise the level of doeboy's vocals a bit? I keep playing this back on different speakers and headphones, sometimes they're too loud, sometimes too quiet, and it's bugging me.

c4c, by the way.
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Yeah, I think his vocals should be up just a tiny tiny bit. I like the feel of the song for the most part, except for (what I assume are) your affected vocals. It sounds like you're using auto-tune or something like it to get that effect that pretty much everyone is using nowadays. Although I don't mind that idea, the way it comes out just isn't sitting well with me. I think you may want to try some different parameters on the vocals. It almost sounds like you're auto-tuning into a bad key. They sound better at the end, but in the beginning and the middle, there's just something not right.
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Put 'em up a bit, yeah, can't really hear what he's saying most of the time as it is. The way the vocals are processed isn't so great. It's kind lacks a bit of depth at times, and there's too much low end at others. If they were a little stronger and less... hate to use the word, wailey when they're going up and down a lot, they'd be great. One of the sounds at the back of the instrumental bit in the middle is a bit like a blocking notification from a computer when you press too many keys. Don't like it.

Ruddy good overall though, the backing is excellent and with some touch ups on both of the vocals, it could be strong enough for an opening track.

I'd love a look at the song in my sig if you have time, sir.
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