I have this old Fender Squire bullet from the early 80's that was built in Japan. I bought it for $50 in college and it's pretty much just been sitting in a case for 10 years. I got it out the other day and examined it and it is actually a surprisingly good guitar. The neck is PHENOMENAL, and the tuners are pretty damn solid.

Anyway, the switch and volume pots are bad, and I want to just replace all the electronics. Where is a good place to buy all this? I'd love to get a prewired pickguard, but this guitar is smaller than a strat and has an odd shaped pickguard, so I can't find anyone who carries it.

I want to get a set of three noiseless pickups that can vary from super clean to bluesy and also be cable of lighter rock tones. What pickups do you recommend, and where can I get a new switch and pots cheap?

How about this place? Does anyone have any experience with their products?

They have prewired pick guards, so if their electrics are good maybe they would let me mail them my pickguard so they could set it all up.

It really depends on how much you want to spend. I have 3 texas special fender pickups and they do everything you are looking for but will cost you alot
Well, I know the Fender sets run around $150, and that is not too much, but I have heard a lot of good things about these GFS PUs, so for half the price I was just wondering how good they were. I could get new pots, a new switch, and the pickups for less than just the pickups through Fender.