I just bought 23, their album, and I like it a lot. "Spring and by Summer Fall" and "Dr. Strangelove" are the best on that album, IMO.

Anyone else like them?
Blonde Rehead is an amazing band! 23 is my favourite album of theirs, it's a lot more "shoegazy" than the others imo. If you like them, I can definatly recommend a band called "Slowdive", if you haven't heard them before. Especially the album called "Souvlaki", it's pure sex. You can definatly hear a resemblance between the bands
i'm not huge on them. that comes as a shock to me because i feel like they are a band that i should really like. don't get me wrong though, they have a few standout tracks...just none that i can name off the top of my head.
Their older albums aren't as good, in my opinion, there's something about them...I dunno.
I love it that Blonde Redhead has its own style. I really like Misery Is A Butterfly. All the songs on the album are great and I listened to all of them about a 100 times. 23 is also wonderfull.
In An Expression of the Inexpressible is my favorite from them.
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My favorites from this band are In Particular, The Dress and Heroine.

The first one is one of the catchiest songs I've ever heard.
Hated Because of Great Qualities and Loved in Spite of Great Faults are two of my favorite songs, and I love the idea of a "two song duet" if that makes any sense.
I've never heard of them, but I am obsessed with their name.
Being a blonde-ginger...it just makes me giggle[:

I will be SURE to check them out.
Just because their name is blonde redhead.
ah one of my top 3 favorite bands ever... I find them so incredibly depressive but in the best of ways lol

listening to Black Guitar.. that song's a soul crusher!
blonde redhead deserves more attention

i first got into blonde redhead maybe 8 or 9 years ago. first song that hooked me was "in particular" and it remains to be my favorite blonde redhead song.

now i'm going to see blonde redhead in a couple days