hello everyone

Everytime i detune my high e it BREAKS LIKE A MOTHER****ER
it pisses me off so much

like i'd be detuning from e to like e flat and it would break omg

and had this brand new set of strings and i'm really pissed off but i have no idea what could cause it...

do any of you know..?
What guitar is it?
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does it break at the nut or the bridge?

cos the nut could need lubricating (use a pencil)
the bridge could be damaging the string with a sharp edge

EDIT: or it could be any number of other things
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it's an ibanez rg 220, and it breaks at the nut...

I was thinking that maybe it could be a bridge problem, that the tension maybe is not set up properly on the back with the springs...

Cause i have a floyd rose bridge, but i got sick of trying to make it float the proper way and have it not go out of tune, so i put like 4 springs and put a pencil in the gap between the bridge and the body XD so it stayed like a normal bridge, not floating.

maybe it's that i have no clue

and it doesn't even matter what brand of strings i use... they all break
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and it doesn't even matter what brand of strings i use... they all break

Cheaper strings break easier than name brands do. Other people had already asked some of the questions I was going to ask. I was just trying to help you figure out the problem.
no dude i'm not attacking you i'm just saying it doesn't matter what strings i use because they all break
Yeah... i have no clue... maybe the nut's too sharp or something... i really don't know so if anyone ever had the same problem and fixed it please tell me..
if you losen the low strings first, there will be more tension on the high strings. they'll break that way.
lube the nut. use a epncil or buy some nut sauce. google it and it looks like a syringe thing. like 9 bucks.
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my friend has the same problem, we think its due to the use of 13-56 strings, what do you use?
Look at the nut carefully under magnification. You'll probably find a small burr or a section that is rough and needs polishing. If all brands you've tried do the same thing in the same place, your nut (or the clamp, being a Floyd) is to blame.
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I use usually 10's... but it depends because i have random strings on the guitar sometimes due to not having a store nearby my house. I'm trying to get a tremsetter and if it keeps breaking i'll have to figure something out...
I was going to say that the loss in tension from the other 5 strings made its way over to your high E but that really shouldn't be the case if your bridge is blocked. And I know your not dumb enough to tune at the headstock when your nut is locked...
That just doesn't make sense, try de-tuning in a reverse fashion. e-B-G-D-A-E.