Ok, I looked at a nice lesson on here to sweep, everyone seemed to understand it from the responses. I could get it except for one detail. I don't understand the picking part itself. It says to go fast but when I do it does not sound like im sweeping. It sounds like I am just strumming a chord. Could someone explain this any better? I would really appreciate some help.

Thank You.
well your left hand is pretty much just strumming a chord, the key part, is to only let one note ring out at a time. so pick up the finger after youve played that note, or mute the string with your hand. and make sure your left hand is either doing one big down stroke, or upstroke, dont pick every individual note.
Oh ok that's what I thought from the beginning, but I just misunderstood what the lesson was saying. Thank you for clearing that up
The user above me has given you an example assuming you are left handed, so if you aren't switch everything he said around.

Sweeping, for the picking hand, is just like playing a chord but slower (for now). You are moving your hand in a sweeping motion across the strings as your fretting hand plays one or two notes per string, and each string should ring out by itself.

If two strings sound at the same time, you are not sweeping.

Edit : I started writing this before you responded
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