Sitting my music exam next June, but I have a practical at April, my teacher wants the pieces we're playing picked by November, and I need 6.

So far I'm doing:

Mr Pink - Level 42
Yyz - Rush
Teen Town - Weather Report.

So I'm three short, options I have are:

I want you back - Jackson 5
Frankenstein - Marcus

Any ideas?

Thanks guys.
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first of all can you play them all to sound good. Alot of examiners look more for performance and being able to be confident and making it sound good then being able to play some stupidly fast and aother stuff, you know what i mean. So dont necesscarily look for pieces that are difficult but pieces that sound good.
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but seriously
Fly By Night- Rush
Anesthesia (Pulling Teeth) - Metallica
NIB - Black Sabbath
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Darling Dear by the Jackson 5 has also got a beautiful bassline
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All the above are good choices but what if your examiner is an old amn who likes listening to clasical music no matter what he\she will be a bit biased. Im not going to recommend anythng but have a good wide range of genres in there.
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What exam is this pray tell?

A Level or GCSE?
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