Firstly it for playing small pubs and clubs, and its for playing Alternative/Indie such as The Libertines, Arctic Monkeys and The White Stripes.

At the moment I have a Line 6 Spider III 75w and a Line 6 Spider I 100w. I think theyre good but everyone goes on about how bad they are.

But would a tube be a lot better and how many watts dose it need to be to be loud enough.
Whats your budget?

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30 watts with a 212 cab would be enough (like a VOX AC30 CC head with the cab), especially if you wanted some crunch. If you're needing clean headroom, get something like the 60 watt Fender Hot Rod Deville, lotsa headroom, actually pretty much all the tube Fender amps have cleans in spades.
My buget is around £350 - £450
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Crate V33 2x12?
might not be a good choice if you don't have pedals, cause it's a single-channel amp so switching from clean to gain would be a bit tough. But then again, its a pretty cheap amp, so you could get a Tubescreamer (which you will probably get at some point or another anyways) and/or some kind of distortion pedal.
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If you like them, then keep them.

If you want to get another amp, then sell the two spiders.
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Yeah thats what I was thinking, but would a tube be a lot better?

It all depends on your ear.

To my ear, and the ears of those who play the music you are trying to emulate, yes they are better.

And since you're in the UK, get a Laney.
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Yeah thats what I was thinking, but would a tube be a lot better?

Yes. Sell your Spiders and get a nice Laney.
So would a Laney VC30 be best then?
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