Right, to put a long story short, I was made to play bass at college due to weird circumstances and it turns out that I'm much better at bass than guitar. This resulted in me being asked to join a band as a bassist. I've accepted, but for the rehearsals, has borrowed bass and amp from the studio. Anyway, I know what I'm looking for in a bass, but I aren't sure for an amp, as I'm very much a novice when it comes to bass amps and what to look for. I also aren't 100% sure on my budget, but I'm making an educated guess that it will be around £300. The band I'm in play a sort of alternative rock/metal and I'm looking for a versatile, loud amp that will also sound well with effects run through it, mainly distortion and fuzz.

I've been looking at a Line 6 Lowdown LD150, however, I've been told not to get that as it isn't loud enough for larger venues.

I know it's a very specific list, but if anyone can help, I'd appreciate it greatly.

Thank you.
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Hmm, just been looking that up.

My only concern is that it's a 100W. Is that powerful enough?
I think a Warwick Sweet 15.2 should be that price. They are great sounding, loud amps
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For all venues up to the size you can guarantee a PA system to use, 300W should be enough to give comfortable headroom. All it takes is a room with bad acsoutics for a 150W amp that was doing fine to being pushed too hard.
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I think a Warwick Sweet 15.2 should be that price. They are great sounding, loud amps

I never even knew Warwick did amps!

Taking a look around, they appear to be well reviewed, however, I can honestly say I've never seen one. Not badly priced either, £208 on Thomann.