Make sure you have a good tremolo system.

Or retune every 3 or 4 minutes
get a better bridge
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locking trem
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i dont have money for a locking trem im sure there are alternatives

You can try getting locking tuners or perhaps one of those lubricated nuts that are on some Fenders. But even they will just delay the inevitable going out of tune that you get with standard non-locking trems.

Other than that, you will have trouble staying in tune without getting a locking trem.
lol i wish i could get a floyd just dont got the money. what about a tremsetter that thing looks like it will help.
A Tremol-no will only really help you a lot of you already have a locking trem. I don't know how helpful they are for standard tremolos. Go on the forum at tremolno.com and ask them.
You have a strat type guitar with a tremolo i am guessing? It is meant for slight vibrato if you didn't already know, if you don't have locking tuners then your using it wrong.

If you want to be a whammy ***** then get some cheap locking tuners, maybe £30 for some cheap ones, saves you hours of tuning. Or just use correctly and don't spend money
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Here's the mod's I've done to my Mexican Standard Strat.

Schaller Locking Tuners
Graphite Saddles - These helped ALOT
Hipshot TremSetter

The locking tuners and Graphite saddles made the biggest improvement in tuning stability. The Tremsetter picked up the rest of the slack.

Locking Tuners - Duh, self explanatory

Graphite saddles. The Standard Steel saddles in a temolo wear down with use of the tremolo. Little Grooves get worn into them. And your strings get stuck in those grooves. Causing them to go out of tune, and increasing risk of string breakage. Graphite saddles are an awesome solution to that problem. They look pretty cool too.

The tremsetter. You will read alot of positive and negative feedback on that. Don't pay attention to the negative. The person that says it doesn't work didn't install it right. It is a pain to install (took me about 3 hours), but it works great. Follow the instructions CAREFULLY. Watch the video instructions found on YouTube (simple search for tremsetter will find it). It Returns the bridge to an absolute 0 position after using the tremolo. Goes back to perfect tune every time. I can go weeks without retuning. It also solves a couple other problems. When you bend a string with a standard tremolo, this increases the tension to the tremolo. You can watch it happen. The bridge rises as you bend a string. This causes the other strings go flat. That's called tremolo sag. The Tremsetter solves that. Also, alot of energy from the strings is wasted in the bridge springs. The tremsetter creates a more solid connection between the bridge and body. Now less string energy is wasted in the springs. Improving resonance and sustain. It actually made a pretty big difference on my Strat, I could notice the difference in resonance and sustain without even plugging in to an amp.

Those 3 mods together, and my Strat stays in perfect tune with heavy tremolo use.

Good luck.

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Rub graphite in the nut. That's pretty much all I did to mine, stays in tune fine. If your paranoid though, add some locking tuners and graphite bridge saddles.

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Good call necrosis,

Graphite in the nut is good. I just slide the string out of the nut and rub pencil lead in the groove. That helps a bunch too.

I'll probably eventually get a graphite nut. But I'm not sure how difficult it is to install, if I would need a tech or not...

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make sure when you string your guitar when you put the end through after looping it around a couple times, make sure the loops are above and below the hole that u feed it through [insert immature sex pun here]
roller nuts are good stuff, also you could get a better quality non-locking bridge like a Wilkinson but then they aren't all that much cheaper than a floyd and probably won't be a perfect fit.
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Always tune up(tighten) the strings while tuning, the gears are at their tightest there. if you pass your mark tune down and then up again. This helps alot with non locking tuners.