ugg. my Fender Hot Rod Deluxe is gone...(please don't ask. seriously). so i've been using a mg50 my uncle gave me. Not gonna fly. So what do guys suggest? I got bout $400 right now, but i need an amp NOW cause i play a show about every week. The band I'm playing for now plays indie and i'm filling in for a guitarist in a band that plays john mayerish kinda stuff. I'm playing an American Tele. Whatcha think?
That's what i was thinking. Just seeing if anyone had any other ideas. Just usually like to bounce my ideas off you guys .
Used Peavey Classic 30
Crate V33 (replace the speakers)

Thats all you could probably get in that range that I can think of right now.
Sorry Highway, but Imma have to agree with kckyle here if you can find one, another HRD ought to be fine.
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