Ok, this one is for the computer nerds. I'm looking for a good processor for my computer. I have a sharty AMD Athlon 64 4000+ (single core), and I need something that would be better for gaming. Definitely a dual-core, right? The problem is, I've seen some for around $30 (i think), and some over $200. What would be a good one to buy? And should I just get a dual, or would a quad be better?

Oh and also money IS an issue, so please don't say the most expensive thing on the market. I'm looking for something that's cheap, but can also run Assassin's Creed (and games with similar or higher requirements) smoothly. But please suggest something that's actually affordable!

(also, I already have "Fap" and "I Cum Blood" processors, they don't work well. I need something that actually works)
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Quad core was released, you may want to look into that. I am still using an AMD Athlon 64 Dual-core, I'm fine with it. Then again, I don't do any gaming, sorry
I cu.... Just kidding.
How large is your budget around 1k or just over 1k. And where you from(Money conversion reasons)
You are better off getting a whole new pc. All our shits outdated.
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The problem you'll have is that your motherboard will be pretty old, and hence have an older socket type, I'm guessing socket 939. You'll need to find processors which fit into this type of socket. I believe some lower-end athlon dual-cores are socket 939, but you won't find a quad-core. Also, since it's pretty old, they'll most likely be cheap.
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