a yahoo toolbar just started showing up in my Internet explorer and i want to get rid of it permanently! how do i do this? thanks.
just right click on the toolbar line thing(like file edit etc) and untick yahoo
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Uninstall Windows. Really. If you still use Internet Explorer...Really. Just uninstall.
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tools, toolbars, and then un check the yahoo toolbar option. and as for people who say to get different internet explorer programs such as firefox etc are just being picky. i don't see any problems with IE at all.
inb4 'get firefox!!"

EDIT: ...............crap :/
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Actually i like safari quite a bit, and prefer it over firefox.

for the following reasons:

1) Perfect GUI. Its from apple. While most of their software i dislike, it all looks like what would happen if jesus cummed out software engineering.
2) The private browsing feature. It saves absolutley nothing, and thus runs faster. And you will never get caught looking at p0rnz.

However, opera does let you download torrents, which is cool. It all comes down to personal taste. But do us all a favor and burn Intranet Exporah at the stake.
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Hah, bummer about using IE. I hear they have a treatment for that now

Seriously, a week of browsing in IE will have you riddled with cookies/adware/spyware. Firefox or Opera ftw
maybe if you had a
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Get Firefox My Friend!!!!!
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I'm not usually the one to follow a thread's trend, but seriously, get Firefox.