Well i've been playing for about a year now, and i've learned from AC/DC to The Devil Wears Prada to Nirvana and stuff that doesn't even go on guitar, but i love acoustics, with a mad passion and i have a '66 Gibson which means more to me than a human life, but i don't know any good acoustic songs to play on it and i've looked through alot of bands but nothing really appeals to me, to only material that has appealed to me is Chet Atkins, but alot of his stuff is out of my skill range. So if anyone could tell me some songs or bands/artists that have some good stuff, i don't care if the singing sucks or they have bad lyrics...
Bob Dylan
Johnny Thunders
Kris Kristofferson
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Nirvanas acoustic stuff is great, a lot of 80-90s rock has music that sounds great acoustic e.g RHCP, Foo Fighters, Pearl Jam. But if you want purely acoustic artists: Rodrigo y Gabriela, Dylan, Van Morisson, a lot of Dave Matthews
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"Damnation" the album by Opeth. technically, the songs are just clean but they would sound fantastic on an acoustic imo.
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