you on most guitar cables, there is the metal thing that wraps around the input part?

like the things in the red?

I thought we cleared it out but we where smoking and the hits where making us cough more. it tasted kinda weird and i have this horrible cotten mouth. And i feel more jumpy and im not as

what is it
youve experienced whats very similar to smoking out of a pipe - but in your case it's a small peice of metal...
You've probably inhaled lethal plastic smoke... maybe not but either way, maybe you should just buy a pipe and not destroy guitar cables lol
Because metal can give things a different taste. The cottonmouth is from the weed.
You die.

When the bell rang to change classes at school, I walked into the hallway and yelled, "I MASTURBATE TO DUCK SEX" and started imitating a duck having sex.

Dont do eet! Just use an apple... Or roll it in a joint... Or a pipe.
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You sir, are a true hero.

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I generally try to avoid being that guy, but I'm not going to lie to you, it's possible that I shit in a friend's dresser once.

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Coke tastes like a can of smashed assholes, so yes there is a difference.

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you should try smoking out of things made for smoking. what you did would be a waste of pot.
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