what kind of necks fit with a 24.75 body and that has a lot of frets, probly no less than 23 frets, something might be on a bc rich or ibanez maybe, im putting it on a SG body, i like playing stuff like slipknot
An SG neck will fit an SG body, thats about it.

Unless the SG has been routed with something like a standard fender neck pocket route, like a warmoth body or something, you wont be able to retro fit any necks on it that arnt SG necks.

Ibanez also use 25.5" scale

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Yep if its a set neck SG body then the only things thats gonna fit is a SG neck. If its a bolt neck then probably the only neck that will be compatable again will be the one that comes with it. The set neck has a very specific and unique neck pocket and low end bolt necks there isnt going to be much aftermarket made for it. Unless you wanna get one made for it with the number of frets you want and correct scale length.