I was thinking about buying the WRXT X Warrior, but I've heard that it has trouble staying in tune. I thought maybe the people who were complaining just didn't know how to adjust the tremolo right, and that was screwing it up. IDk really though, so any help would be awesome. I have a limited budget, and I don't want to spend a couple hundred dollars on a guitar and find out it sucks. Thanks.
its a liscenced floyd rose, meaning it isnt as high of quality as the original floyd rose. the pickups are also duncan designed, meaning they arent real duncans.

i used to have an X series jackson, it was the DX10D, and while i admit, i loved that guitar, it didnt sound all too great. The tremolo may or may not stay in tune, depending on how well you set it up. the shop i sent it to set it up really tight, so it stayed pretty well, but i never bent up.

its a good investment if you replace the pickups and trem, but that can cost up to 250 just for parts.

my advice is to not get a guitar with a trem in that price range.
Well, I'd like to have a Whammy, but my uncle has a whammy pedal that I though I'd just buy from him. But idk, he'd sell it for no less than $150.
He also showed me how he lock down his trem so it didn't move at all.
A Whammy pedal is NO where near the same as a trem bridge. It can kinda give you the same effect, but won't sound nearly as well. Hell, new floyds cost around $150 anyways.
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I have a Jackson licensed Floyd, they stay in tune if you know how to keep it set up nice. They feel fairly stiff for whammy bar stuff, but IMO the best feeling trem I've tried so far is the Ibanez Edge Pro.