i am annoyed with myself.
i have had a lot of problems deciding on a guitar body to get.
first i was considering a strat, but i want 2 humbuckers and a neck with many frets.
then i found a decent SG but its only got a 24.75 neck pocket, and long necks wont fit that.

so... i want a guitar body thats not over $150 or maybe slightly, 2 humbuckers, a kill switch( i could probably drill a hole for one) and it has to be able to fit a guitar neck with at least 23 frets or so, something like on the guitars slipknot guys use.

i wish to paint it on my own so yea
ibanez style?
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There are a bunch of Jem knock-offs on eBay.
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For $150 your options are very limited. If you're going to paint it, you at least want a guitar that going to last awhile. Dean is the only brand with all those features, and my friend's is horrible.
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I sell guitar bodies and for about $150 I could build you a strat body that has 2 humbuckers and enough room for 24 frets and your choice of bridge. Money back minus shipping and maybe a little bit more if you choose expensive wood if you are dissatisfied. Pm me if interested.