I was looking for a new combo amp for under $500 preferably. I need to be able to gig with and it needs to be fairly simple. I have a Boss ME-50 that I really like, so it also needs to be compatible with that. I play pretty much everything, and my main guitars are both Les Pauls. I had the Fender Frontman 212R in mind, but haven't really tried it out. I live far away from a large guitar shop, so I thought I would get the best opinion, which would be the UGers, before I went in for a test drive.
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The FM sucks btw

Agreed. I have the misfortune of playing through that amp.
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All genres guys, I need something very diverse. Only thing that won't get much play is jazz... yuck
Vox Valvetronix. Mic it and run it through a PA tho if you're gigging. Nothing will sound good in that price range. Maybe a used tube combo if you get lucky, but be prepared to pay more then 500 if you can.