I'm in the market for a new amp. I'm pretty flexible about the price, but obviously I want something that is the best bang for the buck. I've been using a Vox ADVT for about a year and a half and it can't handle my dynacomp + Maxon organic overdrive + EH Big Muff.

I'm hoping to get away with spending ~$1,000 and I went to the store to try out some amps. I didn't get a chance to really give some of the amps a good go. I tried a Fender Twin used that was $900~ and a Hod Rod Deville 4x10 that was $700. I thought the Deville sounded a bit more warm and bright so I decided to rent it for a week. Personally I think it's amazing and such an incredible difference from the Vox. Even though I like the Deville I need to be sure that there isn't another amp that would give me more bang for my buck. I really want to make an informed decision here.

I play a lot of David Gilmour, Hendrix, Cream and The Who type of classic rock. I'd like to find something that has an excellent clean channel that I can use my OD and Big Muff to get the Floyd sounds. Thumping lows and glassy highs. Basically something like a Fender Bassman or a HiWatt custom 100. I don't need anything especially loud that will prevent my girlfriend from studying. The Deville is pretty loud but it's manageable.
get a deluxe? almost ALMOST the same as the deville, it's a great amp and probably is perfect for you.

Are you gigging?
Peavey 6505+
Fender Hot Rod Deville 410
Fender Telecaster Blacktop
Gretsch G5120
marhall TSL, in my opinion are a steal if you can get one used in combo form.
it beats the shat out of the HRD, C30, bugera,as far as tube amp versatility and tone, buts thats just an opinion.
also those vintage moderns, there pretty bomb as well.
I've looked at the deluxe, it's certainly a lot cheaper than the Deville and smaller. I'm not gigging (I wish I was) just playing at home

I'm not sure about the Marshall, I think it might be a bit harsh for the Floyd Tones.
you sound like you really need something with a more british voicing, based on what you said you played.

1000 bucks? look for:

Orange Rocker 30 combo
Ceriatone 18-watt clone