Ok I've narrowed my choices down to two guitars. The Epiphone SG Goth and The ESP LTD EC-100qm. I can play them both very eaisly, There both in the price range, and they both sound awesome. This is going to be my first electric guitar. I'm sharing one with my dad at the momment he has a 69, Les paul. I do not like to touch it since it's very vauble and he may kill me if I dent it, haha. I can already play alot of songs on electric mostly AC/DC and other hard rock new and old. But anyway my parents need to know since there going to buy christmas soon and need a final decision and I need some educated opioions. So any help will be appriciated thanks.
my vote goes to the ltd ive never played it but i didnt like the sg goth
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is the esp ltd like the esp ltd ec 500 but with lower pickups? if it is get that,the sg goth isnt that nice,and i;'ve played both..esp ftw!
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neither get a epi les paul if ur gonna get a epi, but if you have to get one of the two id get the esp, but the lp is better than the esp so try trying a lp by epiphone (if ur like me u might luck out and get a good qualoty one, mine sounds better than my brother's gibson