Hello Forums Friends,

My wife was kind enough to put 2 push pulls in front of me at lunch time (a500k, b500k). She got to the mail first. I had so much work to do today i couldnt get here till 10hrs later.

I have a MIM strat with a new HSS Mighty Might pickguard. I'd like to change the sound on my strat so i ordered a few switches to experiment with.

I love the sound of the neck pickup, so i dont need to change that at all. I also like the middle pup and the 1- 4 positions on the switch. The H pup is strong but too trebl-ish (no tone control. no big deal) even hough i usually run full treble on the guitar. I have 3 strats so id like to change this one.

Can somebody please suggest (with a wire diagram if possible) some options i have with one of my Push pulls and the HSS?

Thanks in advance