What are some good 2 guitar songs that are hard/classic rock? We have a gig in a month we've been together a week, we need 5-8 songs. Atm we just have sunshine of your love and TNT, were going to work on slither by velvet revolver. we can't do zeppelin or hendrix because we have 2 guitars. so what are some songs we could do? and what would be a good opener and closer, also? thanks!
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actually you can do zeppelin, it has 2 guitar recorded on some songs.

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end with paradise city. best closer, ever.
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Depending on your guys' experience and some other factors.. it might be easier and faster to make up your own original songs, and only a few covers.
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keep on rockin in the free world-neil young its a pretty good closer.
breaking the law-judas priest pft well any judas priest is good for two guitarist
one more saturday night-grateful dead
You can do Hendrix naive to think that because the original had only one guitar on your version must be the same. Plus Hendrix recorded a fair amount of overdubs anyway.
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You can do anything you want with two guitars, don't let it be a barrier to playing certain tunes.
If your singer's up to it, Aerosmith and Thin Lizzy are good dual-guitar bands with plenty of crowd-friendly hits to choose from. Zep works really well with two guitars, as my partner-in-crime (bonzo_lives) will attest. Chuck some Sabbath in there as well.
DON'T PLAY ZEPPELIN TRUST ME YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO SING IT ( unless you have a good singer of course) recently i was spotlighted with taking up the roll of sing "rock and roll" and to make it worse our follback went dead so not only playing guitar (lead) and singing i was praying to god that i was in the right key. we pulled it off but on a fluke seriously you will stress the crap out of your voice