Well to start off, here is a big blog I wrote about the situation


It's very long, and although I would appreciate posts on it, I'll type up something much smaller for the folks here in Bandleading.

To start, here is Montana Untapped: wwww.missoula.com/music

So anyway, there is a contest called Montana Untapped. A band can submit a song that will be voted on by the public. The public and a panel of judges choose what songs get on a mix CD that will be included with 1000 cases of Budweiser distributed throughout Montana.

Anyway, we really promoted this. We got everyone we know in on it, as well as the fans. We ended up having a 3.7 score with 370 votes. Kinda funny how that worked out.

Anyway, they announce the songs on the CD, and we are not included, despite, by their criteria, doing the "best". There were only 3 bands with over 300 votes, so it's not like there was a fine line.

The final CD's tracks were very unrepresentative, the CD was almost completely acoustic folk songs, despite being about the Montana vote.

Anyway, we're gonna try to fight this. I realize that just letting it go is probably a better option, but it's based on the principle. We happen to be the only University (of Montana) band that competed, and thus the only younger band. We're gonna bring it to the local college newspaper and radio station, as well as get our friends and fans to send emails to the contest and it's sponsors about how it was a fraud of a contest.

So, what I would like to ask, is for some suggestions from people that have dealt with similar issues, or certain things to do/roads to take for a better chance of success. Like I said, we're not interested in just letting it go.

Thank you,
-Josh of Celestial Chaos
As much as this does suck for you, even though it's a public vote the sponsors still get the final say on whats in and whats out.
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Become famous, make millions, then sue the shit out of the group who run the contest...

OR, if you're looking for a more logical answer, get fan support, and write a grievances/complaints letter to the group, saying that the contest results were not to be based on style of music, but # of votes or whatever the criteria was that you should have won on.

Say that this counts as descrimination just because you are a (metal?) band. If they don't listen to that, then start protesting and threaten to start a cult.
*Wall of Text Warning*

Let me tell you a story about a battle of the bands my high school band played just before we graduated and went off to school before I give some advice.

Our band had been practicing our songs for about a year, playing a gig here and an assembly there. I'd poured my heart and soul into writting the lyrics, vocal melodies, guitar riffs, teaching the bassist how to play, and all the things that go with being a young, inexperianced band. As the days count down to the show, we bust our asses getting our stuff even more tight so that we could do the best we could (the prizes for 1st, 2nd and 3rd were various amounts of studio time, 30 for 1st, 20 for 2nd, and 10 for third, plus you know, bragging rights, and maybe there was cash, I don't remember).

Show comes around, and we do the best we've ever done, and while we know we didn't win (there was a really kick-ass band that we had to follow that won a battle of the bands at our high school a few months previously) we had settled for a comfortable 2nd or 3rd place based on our hopeful, optimistic view. Turns out some crappy band that played butchered covers of zepplin and nirvana and proclaiming themselves "the best band ever" placed third, a good band that only played one song due to one of their guitarist's not being able to get his amp to work got second, and the kickass band got first ('Where's Ryan' was their name, they really were awesome). We find out later that of the judged catagories each band were marked in, the 3rd place band got either 2 or 3 out of a possible 5, while we got 5/5 on everything except singing, which they gave us a 2, saying that had I not been in the band, we would have gotten 2nd or 3rd, and that I shouldn't sing, ever. I know I'm not the best singer in the world, but there was no way I deserved that.

What I learned then, and what you have to learn now, is that while we may love to make music, and we want people to enjoy it as much as we do, and that the people who do the best work should get rewarded for it, the truth is that the world isn't perfect, you will get screwed over, and there's not a damn thing you can do about it. The only thing you can do and still maintain your self respect is to take compliments you get with grace and the insults with a grain of salt, because there are always things going on that we don't know about, or things we can't control. Yes, it sucks, you got shafted, as did we. You know it, and your fans know about it, and that's all that really matters. Don't drag this out by crying foul play, because the only image you'll get is the image of the sore loser, and that's not something you want. I was angry and saddened that someone could be that harsh in their views, that they would put a crappy cover band in a recording studio rather then a band that wrote decently catchy, original tunes, but you have to be able to take the high road and let it be, and simply resolve to do better next time. You can't win them all, even if you are better, because there's always someone's family friend that has an inside connection that will get it over you.

All you can do is make good music that you enjoy, congradulate the bands that won, and put out your own record that trumps whatever the radio station churns out. Don't burn bridges, make new goals.
Hmmm, that word, 'untapped' although it probably pertains to bottled beer rather than beer on tap, could it possibly also pertain to 'unplugged' which means 'acoustic'?

It could be a case of the competition only being open to acoustic artists. If that's the case, you might have been disqualified for not meeting the criteria of the competition.
Okay.... checked the site. Yep... open to metal bands.

However... also found this... "A panel of judges and the public will decide..."

The vague 'panel of judges' thing is what gets you. Okay... so you got a bunch of people to vote for you, and that's awesome. But if the judges don't like it.... you're SOL. What criteria do the judges go on? I couldn't find that anywhere.

Yeah, maybe you got screwed by nepotism or politics or whatever. Or maybe, despite the number of people you had voting, the judges felt your material wasn't up to the standard they were looking for, whatever that vague standard was.

Great advice, trisonic77!

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