whats the better choice with a price range of around $400
acoustic or acoustic electric?
i just looked on musiciansfriend to see which ones were popular
for acoustic:
i think this is great Silver Creek D-160 all solid woods
Alvarez RD20S
Yamaha F730s
acoustic electric:
Ibanez AEL20e
Fender CD140SCE
Washburn D10sce
Ovation altho i hate the oval back

nothing over $400
Well the decision b/w getting an acoustic with a pickup or not is are you going to use it enough to justify the extra cost (not only of the guitar but amp)

If money's not an issue, get one with the electrics, disadvantages being that many of them have cutaways which can decrease the resonance of high notes as well as overall volume, but let u reach the high frets and look sweet, so i donno, that may not be a disadvantage to some i guess.

Are you going to be performing? Do you see yourself doing that in the future?

I'm personally at the same stage as you, trying to decide b/w the washburn D10S and D10SCE (acoustic or elec acoustic).

Remember, you can always get a pickup put in later if/when u decide u want/need it.

If you're trying to decide whether its worth the extra dosh, the only real advice I can give is play them. Play the acoustics, play the acoustic/elecs unplugged and plugged. It's your decision.
Don't get an acoustic electric. The hardware on them affect the resonance. If you do ever gig and play a show, they will mic your acoustic to the PA.
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If your going to get an Ac/E then i can recommend a Dg ##ce series by fender, it works pretty well and can carry well through an amp
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