i have a decent left handed ibanez neck i want to make a body for. i will be flipping the neck around to be a reversed headstock type neck. on the ibanez parts catalog it says the neck uses a 42mm nut. the trem i have is from a rg320 dx (trs2) on the 320 dx catalog it says it uses a 43 mm nut. will it be fine to use a 42mm nut with that trem or should i use a 43? will it make my strings to close to the edge of the neck if i use a 43? will narrowing the strings down to a 42mm nut make a difference if the trem is supposed to be paired up with a 43? does it even matter what size nut you use with a trem? im just trying to get all this sorted out and have all my parts when i start to build.

Yes, you nut sizes should say consistent... if you had a 42, you would want to keep it 42...

Millimeters are so small though, I'm not sure it would make much difference.
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i'd keep it a 42, to maintain specs... and it'll give you that bending room as well.

42's are very comfy on a 25.5" scale.