What's some funny stuff you guys have heard while gaming? The only one I can think of now is when some guy was in Halo 3, and he was like:

him - "Man, I shouldn't have smoked up before playing"
me - "*talks to my friend when I have a mouthful of cookies*"
him - "Hey man, what are ya eatin?"
me - "Fudgeos"
him - "Oh man, I think we got some of them. Hey guys, I'm gonna be afk for a bit, I'm gonna go get some fudgeos...and some popcorn."
few minutes later:
him - "*mouth full* Hey guys I'm back."
someone in the background - "JAMES YOU DOUCHE, YOU ATE ALL THE BUTTERY ONES!"
him and his friend get in a fight, basically just random swearing at stuff that doesn't mean anything, like accidentally hauling out his friends earphones...
Little girl in the background - "Get your thing out of my bum!"

then he had to quit.

EDIT: It may be important to note that he did say he had a son, so I assume it was a young child, probably the aforementioned son, performing surprise ********* on the other young child, who was probably a friend of the high guys son...?
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At the end of a Halo 3 match this guy on the winning team was like, "Bitch where my waffles now?"
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I told some kid i was gonna eat fudgeos, so i did. my pal went off at me for eating all the buttery popcorn, so i ass-raped his sister.

That was a fun night.
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-1.6 server with another 12 year old with a microphone
im glad i stopped playing that game
TF2 is where its at
Dick+strings= owww
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yeah... kthxbai
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touche sir.
COD4 Online:

random guy: Dude have you ever masturbated so much that you actually came blood?
I did yesterday.
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a couple years ago i was playing socom II and my voice cracked when i was talking in game. Some guy screamed into the mic "OMG HAHA DID YOUR VOICE CRACK!?!?!?!?"

naturally i logged off and sobbed myself to sleep.

adolescence rawks.
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The time I fell on my face on a trampoline and cracked my neck, then proceded to run around the yard in a blind panic screaming "I hope I'm not paralyzed! OH GOD I THINK I'M PARALYZED!"

The game was talking about this dude who was cheating.

dude#1 - Hey, isn't it time for jack to log on?
dude#2 - yeah, his ban should be up by now
dude#3 - he got banned again
dude#1 - wtf how
dude#3 - he logged in 2 hours before he was supposed to
dude#4 - thats jack, always coming in prematurely

I forgot the entire conversation, but this is the general idea of it. I laughed loudly both IRL and in the game.
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Anytime a prepubescent boy speaks into a microphone, hilarity will almost often be assured.
One time when i was playing GTA IV with my friend, this guy said that if we wouldn't stop killing him, he would put us in a trailer and not feed us for a week. GTA IV has too many funny moments. and when little kids want to play COD4
black guy: hey yall, ima school yall ay cod
not black guy: hey what is with your accent? where r you from?
black guy: man, im pur black american
not black guy: what your black? i thought black pepole only exsisted in fairty tales.

thne the black guy left the match
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I laughed at someone for breaking his g-string, and got sigged

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Mine can't match any of those, but just some guy that just said "that's a pain in the dick" over and over again.

Other than that, I think Leeroy Jenkins deserves a mention, even though I've only seen the videos on youtube

oh that is great!

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me and my friend were playing halo 3 and said something like "you're a queer for using the battle rifle" and 2 seconds later a dude on our team killed someone with one and said "haha, i queered' we laughed so hard
CoD 4 - Hardcore Team Deathmatch

Between me and a very racist man.

"**** you, n*****! Where you from, bitch?"


"Pussy ****in' Canadian... hey, faggot, how many maple leaves does it take to make syrup?

"None, you retard - the leaves don't make syrup."

He didn't stop calling me names, but that's probably 'cause my GT is Wet Horse Lips.
British kid- "You probably want to stick your thumb, in my butthole."
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social match in H3
my team was talking s**t to the other team, and one of my friends who is rather cocky, was being quiet. All of a sudden you here him yell "OH MY GOD MY CAT JUST S**T IN MY LAP" laughter ensues. moments later he comes back and he was like "dude i was just sitting here and i look down and my cat was in mid-s**t in my lap, i was like wtf and pushed him off my lap and the turd falls into my lap"
I was beating up on this kid in cod4 and he goes "I hope you have kids someday so i can rape them." it was hilarious.
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On Gears of War
Annoying Kid: You suck
Me: Yeah? well your fat!
Annoying Kid: FATTER THAN YOU!
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a couple years ago i was playing socom II and my voice cracked when i was talking in game. Some guy screamed into the mic "OMG HAHA DID YOUR VOICE CRACK!?!?!?!?"

naturally i logged off and sobbed myself to sleep.

adolescence rawks.

I dunno why man but the thought of that made my day thanks
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Me and my friends are total dicks on Call of Duty 4, so one time we were playing against a bunch of cocky mexicans and one of them said, 'WE'RE TAKING OVER!' and then I said, "of Home Depot". We've had other hilarious moments.

Oh and one guy said to my friend, "You know how I know you're gay? Because your dick tastes like shit".