So, are these pedals not that bad?

I had a brief experience with these, and right next to a DS-1, I liked the distortion out of the Cool Cat better. They seemed to be very quiet pedals. I'm quite interested in the Tremolo pedal, anyone have any experience with it or any of the series?
they've been getting good reviews, but i haven't tried them yet (and i don't trust reviews)...
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I wouldnt trust a review either, try it yourself, most reviews are written by kids who just got it 10 minutes ago, and are like OMGZ!!! I ADD IT TO THE INTERNETZ!!! NOW I COOL!!!!
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I have the Fuzz, and it was definitely worth it.

The same may not apply for the others, but for the price, these pedals are definitely great. I'm gigging with my fuzz, if that says anything (something you don't usually do with Danelectros).

DolphinStreet seems to have bought most of them
I saw heard about the Vibe pedal and instantly ordered one.

$60 for a true bypass, metal enclosure Univibe clone that used LDRs and an actually lamp and light shield.

These pedals are a steal. I love my Cool Cat Vibe, buy one before the price goes up.