So i replaced the machine heads on my epihpone elitist les paul, they come standard with groover tuners but they seemed to be having some trouble staying in tune. Anyways i bought the Srandard groovers 18:1 ratio set and replaced them only problem is that the tuners for D and G the holes in the back of the headstock dont match the ones of the previous tuner exactly. so the screws are in at an angle sort of and not all the way in. It seems very stable though because it is very tight on the top side of the headstock where i think is most important. Do u guys think this will be a problem in the long run?

also i noticed these groover tuners are taller than the previous so the strings are a little higher than they used to once they pass the nut. does this have any sort of effect?

P.S Brendie
Making it on my own
Hard to believe the stock grover tuners on an elitist would stay in tune less than the stock grovers on my standard model.
well its got 4 years of heavy wear and alotttt of string changes
P.S Brendie
Making it on my own
Um tuners can last like 20 or 30 years. they don't wear out in 4.
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