Hi people,
i wish to start doing to simple home recording, and i need something that can produce a drum beat. I know alot of people say that FL Studio, ExDrummer, etc are all good, but i dont want to use them because i have to program the drum beats my self. Is there any software out there (free or not free) that can automatically produce a drum beat for me... like.. all i would have to do is choose a beat then set the tempo, and away i go? I currently have a BP-50 digitech bass effects... and that has a drum loop machine in it... but the quality of it sounds terrible and is distorted, muffled, and filled with noise when i record it.

some help would be really appreciated
Hey there,

Look for Groove Agent. It's made by Steinberg (the people who make cubase) and has loads of loops that you can choose from. You just set the tempo and complexity of the groove.

Groove Agent 3 is out and expensive but you may be able to get good deals on Groove Agent 1 or 2.

Hope this helps...
This is a lie...no reason why...right from the outset
to Unourrit01: thanks :-) i never knew Ezbeat had loops? many thank yous on your help. i will have to get my hands on a copy.

to BigDave: thanks for the input on groove agent. i will have to try it out.

thanks :-)
If you have guitar pro you can go and rip beats from other songs. This would give you a base to start with. Do some mods to the beat or what not then export it to ezdrummer, beatcraft, whatever. or if you wanted to you could just leave it as a midi file. Though that wont sound great by any means.

Good Luck