Alright, hi everyone... I'm new to this site, but I checked the forum rules, and I'm pretty sure this is the right place to post this. feel free to tell me otherwise!

SO, I've got around an 800$ budget (for amp AND cab) and I play high gain metal with lots of low end (think sikth, architects), but I do use clean channels quite often as well. I occasionally play small venues, but also require an amp I can play at home and not bug my housemates/ neighbours.

I have found a listing of a (used) Peavey XXX and a (used) matching peavey 212 cab for $850. I have also demo'd a Vox AD100 VTH with matching 412 Cab for 800$.

I want to use the amp/ cab at home, AND at clubs. I was wondering if the XXX would not sound good at low volumes (at home), and if anyone can comment on the Vox, when cranked (I only played it at vol 1 in store). I am by no means a tube purist, I just want something that sounds decent and fits my needs of good low end, high gain distortion, with a decent clean at around 800$ for the whole deal!! If anyone can suggest another amp/ cab or combo that would work for my situation, feel free to throw it out there!

PS. obviously a 5150, triple rectifier, or engl invader would be a better choice... but this is more of a "what cab and head is the best for $800" and "what can I play at home AND at a small venue" issue!
the triple XXX HANDS DOWN. but don't get the matching cab though. if you live within the usa check out http://avatarspeakers.com/ or you can check out some of these used 1960a marshall lead cab. these are great match for the triple X

PS. the 5150 triple rectifier or engl invader are not better. they are simply different choices
yeah definitely go with peavey XXX, my cousin has it, so I have played it a few times. Definitely will be good for metal stuff, and sounds pretty good clean. if you are worried about volume, get a 212 cab or even a 112. orange makes some really good cabs if you are willing to spend a little extra.
Wow, those were some quick responses! Thanks!

The guy is selling the XXX and the cab together, so I guess I can sell the cab, and splurge a little bit on a genz-benz G-flex 212 (:

"orange makes some really good cabs if you are willing to spend a little extra"
Yes they do, but it's not in my price range... i've seen a g-flex used that I have my eye on! thanks for the suggestion though
yeah genz benz are really good. I have a genz benz el diablo head, and I absolutely love it.
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XXX or 5150. Personally, I like the XXX better, but a lot of people seem to like the 5150 for metal.

XXX is still a great choice. The Vox just won't compare to the levels of distortion you'll get with the XXX.
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Add a BBE Sonic Stomp to the XXX for earthquake like low end thump.
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