Look it up and get back to me if you want.

Doing Christmas shopping, and I want the best Ibanez guitar for the cheapest price, and I have two of them.

Ibanez RG3EXFM1 and the Ibanez RG4EXFM1 (Notice the RG(3) and RG(4).)

The RG3 is $350 with two humbuckers. I heard it was the best guitar for it's price to play metal.

There is also the RG4 for $450. I dunno if it would sound close to being the same, but I won't mind pitching in $100 to get it.

Is it really worth it?!

I have a lotus guitar. It's not known at all aparently, and it doesn't have the greatest sound. I buy distortion pedals to make it sound better.

So far I have the Digitech: Grunge, Digitech: The Weapon (Dan Donegan's pedal), and Line 6: Uber metal pedals.

I want to buy the Death Metal pedal for $50, but I have enough distortion already, and would it even sound that much better on a guitar that's only decent in sound and not well known?

What I need to know is..

Is it really worth it?!
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what amp do you have ?


spend that money on a good amp this will make a much larger improvement to your tone
I thought the RG3ex1 was the version without the floating bridge. I have the RG4ex1 and it has the tremlo. I think it is a great guitar, the quilted maple top is amazing for the price you pay, but only spend the extra $100 if you need the tremlo.

It might be a good idea to sell your pedals and buy a nice amp like the Peavy Vyrpyr or a Roland Microcube (these are great for metal). It is better to have a nice modelling amp than 4 poor distortion pedals. The RG and Cube is what I use now and I couldn't be happier.
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I buy distortion pedals to make it sound better.

I nearly cried.
Buy a new amp, I'm guessing you've currently got a solid state, with which no amount of distortion pedals will ever help.
You may indeed be due a new guitar if you've started to outgrow your beginner one, but a good amp can make an alright guitar sound good, but a bad amp can make a good guitar sound shoite.
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