Hey, I'm new here if anyone hasn't noticed.

Well, last night I was playing my electric guitar, and my D string breaks on me.

But the thing is, it didn't exactly "break".

It uncoiled itself at the headstock and near the round tip. I have no idea why, probably because the strings I was using were really old and rusted.

I've managed to get the bottom of the string of, where the round tip is, but I can't get the part of the string where the tuning peg is off of it.

Since it uncoiled itself, there's still a very tiny piece of string still there, and my Paul Reed Smith won't allow me to put the new string in there because it won't come out!

Does anyone know what I should do to get it out?

(Oh, and sorry if I named some parts of the guitar wrong. I never got lessons or learned anything about what parts are on the guitar.)
Needle nose pliers?

I haven't heard of those hehe

What are they?


Nevermind, I know what they are. I have a pair of those, I didn't know what they were called though.

The needle nose pliers won't fit into the peg, it's stuck in there. I can't put a new string in because there's still a little piece of my old one in there. I can't take the top of the peg off either because it won't come off unless there isn't anything in there
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Needle-nose pliers are the pliers with, to put it simply, really long parts with which to grab stuff with. Just Google image it.

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