I've always wanted a tremolo to screw around with but dont want to shell out the cash for another higher end guitar. do you think on a low budget This one with a duncan i have that i would install in the bridge could sound ok just for regular playing
? i've never really heard of the brand before but i looks nice at least
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Tbh, I don't trust Rondo's guitars just because I can't try before buying, nor do I trust guitars in that pricerange.

Personally I'd recommend digging for low-end Fenders, midrange Ibanez's and high-end Squiers on eBay for a cheap guitar with a tremolo.

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its not a real FR. more than likely strings will break alot. try schecter's FR equiped guitars if you're just dying to do whammy dives.
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I wouldn't trust that FR at all. Honestly, I would take the infamous Edge III over that trem