i just installed some new seymour duncans into my epiphone lespaul. as soon as i plugged by guitar into the amp the volume was really low i turned the distortion channel on and it sounded the same as it would if i had turned the volume on the guitar down to about 1. really weak and quiet. if checked all my solder joints and they are fine there are no visiblly damaged wires anywhere my pickups are the right height from the strings and my guitar and amp volume are both right.

Maybe you didn't make the right connections?
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adjust pickup height? maybe try to rewire it.
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its ok porblem solved

in the writing diagram that came with the pickup there were two extra wires which are used for coil tapping phase switching etc. and if not used there was a picture of them tied off with tape which is what i did. turns out you have to solder them together then tie them off.

thnx for the help anywyays