its ok. not bad, not amazing. im not really into that kind of music, but its not bad.
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its like a four finger, diminished thingy
Man thats awsome, i could listen to this several times

Im listening it through crappy notebook speakers, so it could by only my problem, but i would do something with the drums. They are too harsh to my ears, maybe their volume is too high, or their tone. Im talking about the part which starts around 0:41. Mybe you should dampen their tone/volume for that part, but thats just my two cents.

But i love the main riff, and the solo too.

What equipment or software should i get to be able to make something like your music?
(i am asking this because i realized that i have a similar approach to music like yours but i can only make sucky midis in GuitarPro.)
lol really awesome music. i wanted to download to have it handy anytime. the main riff is really cool and very diferent from normal songs. the bass with effects part (i think its a bass lol) is also awesome. i really really liked it. I'm just beginning to realize how many pro-level artists myspace has.
i was also reading how you record it and i understand your earlier comment better, i'm just using guitpro and some editing software which I really don't know much about lol.

ho, and perfect solo
ok im a min. in right now..really liking it..it feels like a drug scene in a movie where every1 is tripped out and everything is moving really slow just the way it gets sort of muddy there..cool. The main riff is catchy. I dont find the drums overpowering at all they fit quite well i think.

I really like this overall now that im all the way through. the ending seemed really abrupt ..maybe make it trail off a bit and fade out? Maybe its the effect you wanted lol i dunno its no big deal i think i was just wanting to hear more :P

no real negatives here from me. nice job!

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As I listen:

The intro is very vibey - I like it - when the drums come in it sounds great - a very solid well timed recording and the bass is thick and cuts through the mix (a good thing!!)

As others have said this is very original - and the lead guitar is cool during the delayed notes that overlap each other other - but it seems theres a bit out of time try listening back and hear what im talking about

I don't know if I can finish the whole song - sorry I don't have 9 mins of spare time and from fast fowarding it seems like the same beat

I really like the vibe your going for - and while not my taste in music its well produced and well recorded.

Great job.