Okay well I started writing this song, just a simple rockish one lol... I got the first verse and prechorus, but can't seem to figure out which direction I wanna take it. Suggestions?

I'm decent with words
but troubled with thoughts
I don't say what I am
or things that I'm not
I can't look at myself
and think I'm fine
I just want to end
this doubt that's mine

I scrammble and search
for my excuse
I stumble and hide
the drugs I abuse
I would rid of my sins
if I had any faith
I could pray to the Gods
if I knew what to say

Yet we still close our eyes
and shoot in the dark
This revealing of light
will leave us so stark
I thought that was really good. It is easy to follow the beat and the lyrics are not over complicated (like so many others). The singer (whoever that may be) sounds confused in his or her life and is looking to find answers. Maybe your corus could be about this person starting to find the way; heading towards the light so to speak. Just an idea, but like I said, I really enjoyed it!
Okay, I thought of going in that direction but wasn't sure I could verbalize it correctly... thanks!
this is really good

just a little tip if youre having trouble rhyming when you add on to this, not every verse needs the same rhyme pattern

though if you can finish the whole song with this rhyme pattern it would sound great