Once i get my current pedal build into an enclosure and finish up I want to start working on a Little Gem mini stack. So, question time.

Is it worth buying a set of good speakers, designed for guitar frequencies or should I just get a set of speakers at a decent price regardless of whether they're for guitar amps?

I'm going to do a lot of changes to the circuit. I don't know what effects impedance and wattage but I think with all the crap I'm doing to it, it might be a little different than to a regular Little Gem. how do i know what ohm/watt speakers to get?

Last question.

Distortion. Should I add a switch between the gain pins to set the gain or should I add another distortion circuit?
As long as you keep the 386, it'll always be 1/2w (unless you start adding chips and transistors and shit).

While good speakers will drastically affect the sound of an amp (I played a Squier Sidekick through some '80s Kenwood cabs and it kicked a little ass), you may just want to get some good decently priced speakers fisrt, then see what happens.

The LG (i.e. the 386) can power from 4 to 16 ohms.

Add a seperat distortion circuit. The sound of a distorted 386 is shit.
if your gonna make a nice cab head or something, i would personally go with the little gem mkII or the ruby probably.

but i put a little gem into an old radio and used the speaker, its pretty cool, but i could probably make it sound a lot better with an appropriate resistance speaker and wattage. but it works for me, lol
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What about this? splitting the signal and then running it through two little gems? Would that double the voltage/impedance?