have an epiphone sg g400 and a peavey bandit and i just got some chepo behringer pedals and i was looking to upgrade this is what i was thinking

boss ch1 chorus

boss dd3 digital delay

ibanez tube king distortion

toadworks meat fat booster

does any1 think that would any good for playing alternate rock and melodic metal (the getaway plan killswitch engage red jumpsuit dream theatre and mettalica)if not can u suggest some better pedals
yeah, i agree, i don't have a SUPER MONSTER MANIACLY good amp, but i have something not bad, i had a fender frontman 15g, and now i have a marshall mg50dfx, and WOW, this is a diference, my guitar and my pedals sounds so much better, ( i already had good pedals, ( boss, EHX, etc... ) go buy yourself a good amp first, then change your pedals, i think that this is the best choice to do.

The DD3 is very good, i don't know for the other ones.
Quote by ClementWave
A better amp would get you a lot further than those pedals.


Also, you could do leaps and bounds better than the boss chorus, for the exact same price. i.e. small clone.
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Does anyone know what I should get to make my guitar effect sound like the intro lead riff to "Family Traditions" by Senses Fail???

Or the kind of tone Dragonforce use [you know the computery sounding stuff...]