Poll: How do you pronounce Lego?
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16 9%
155 87%
7 4%
Voters: 178.
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Got in argument the other day.
What I wanna know is...how do you pronounce Lego?

Do you say Lay-Go, Leg-o, or something else?
There's a poll, and if you pronounce it some other way, lemme know how you say it.

Also, you can just talk about anything Lego related here, if you like.
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Best toy ever!

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Best toy ever!


seconded, its constructive... and destructive.

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it's definitely leg-o. that's how they pronounce it in their own commercials.
Listen you ever shitty piece of ruffian: If you're trying to pronounce it instead of building castle walls and then storming them, then forget it. You're done.
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Leg-oh. Derives from the Danish 'Leg godt', literal meaning 'Play well'.

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what idiot says lay-go?!!

The million odd people who were born in South Australia.

Lay-go instead of Lego, Car-sell for castle, darnce for dance...we're great.
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Quote by Baggie23
what idiot says lay-go?!!

Any belgian/dutch perosn


[ˈle:go] for me (in German)
[ˈlegəʊ] for you guys (how it's supposed to be pronunced in English, that's option 2 in the poll)

If it was to be pronounced as LAY-go it would be called LAYGO, it's called LEGO so pronounce it LEG-o
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it's leg-o

anyone who says's different is just wrong
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leg-o.. who calls it lay-go??
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le-go here in germany
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Who on Earth says Lay-go or Leg-o...?

It's Lee-Go.


You're retarded if you don't call it Leg-o.
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Lay-go comes closest to the German pronunciation.

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It's pronounced law-go you clowns.

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Any belgian/dutch perosn

I concur.

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Best toy ever!



Lego, spelt how it's prounounced.
I've never heard anyone call it Laygo.
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wen i ask they say that they fall into the habit smhw ........but nyways i think there is a connection smwhere. Now i being a teetollar will not give into this habit nyhw

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The million odd people who were born in South Australia.

Lay-go instead of Lego, Car-sell for castle, darnce for dance...we're great.

I speak from relative inexperience, and possibly great bias (being a New South Welshman), nut every South Australian I have ever met was a huge wanker. I laugh more at SA accents than I do at Kiwi accents. Everyone I've ever met from SA pronounced everything like they had a broom handle stuck up their arse. They're almost as bad as upper class poms
Over 85% of people say Leg-o.
In Adelaide, nearly everyone says Lay-go, with very few exceptions (from what I've found, that is).

However it's said, we can all agree it's a pretty kickass toy.
Same with K-Nex. Gotta love K-Nex.
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