Probably the most cliche title ever.

Anyways by the end of this year I'm being allowed around $2000-2500AUD to buy a new guitar, amp and pedals.

Right now i've got my eyes set on the Jackson RR3 and well .. that's it lol. I'd like some recommendations on any other guitars (preferably a V ). I play Metallica, Dream theater, Iron Maiden, Children of Bodom, but also do want decent cleans.

For the amp I'd probably be spending around $300-400AUD using it for practice and some gigging.

Pedals, I'll need a Distortion so i was thinking the DigiTech Death metal. If there's anything better let me know Also a Wah pedal, not really sure of what brands good.

dont be retarted. Spend 500-800 on a good guitar and spend the other 1500-1200 on a good combo amp that wont need pedals.
a guitar more than €1000 isn't worth it. Dunno how much AUD that is but just to give you an advice. Spend more on you amp. Buy a good tubeamp. I can't really advise something 'cause I don't know what they sell in Australia and how much it costs.

Also don't buy the Death Metal. Don't buy Digitech at all unless it's a whammy or Bad Monkey.