Hey guys ! Im 13 year old boy from Estonia .
Ive played guitar for 3 years (Classical , Rock and blues ).(And 5 years piano)
I've learned these instruments in music school .
I read the columns and stuff and i was thinking about my own practicing
schedule .
Im not a beginner and im not a really good , im between of these .
So guys help me to make a schedule of practicing :
What tehniques i should play most and what little bit less .
How much should i play these in a day and what kinda song are
good for tehnique practicing .
All ideas are welcome .
Thanks !
I suppose you should take a metronome and try some "licks" with alternative/economical picking. Try also to listen to some song, and play with it. Sorry for my English
I guess the most important thing is warming up. I try to practice at least 2 hours every day, with about 10 minutes of warming up, 10 minutes of practising a few scales (not playing them really fast, just getting myself ready for playing solos!).

Then the rest working out other peoples songs and playing them or writing my own songs etc.