This is probably one of cruelest things I've seen humans do to an animal before. Watching this video makes my blood boil, I dont know about you guys but these people should be beaten themselves


Also in other news reports it was stated that the kangaroo had possibly been hit by a car which explains its dazed state of mind and lack of agression
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he was clearly overweight for that division

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I thought kangaroo's we're supposed to be good at boxing ....

no you're right, it's not funny, not even a little bit ... though if the kangaroo had just kicked his ass ...
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In the news reports they said it was likely that the kangaroo was dazed and confused possibly after being hit by a car
She Had An Abortion That She Made Me Pay For
i hope he tries it on a big male red.

so the prick dies.
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Is it Kangaroos boxing? Because Kangaroos like boxing, except for the gay ones. I speak to the Kangaroos counsil in Australia all the time, they have an official league. And if it is a human boxing a Kangaroo, they have some balls . . . . . . . . .
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haha yeah thats pretty funny especially the guy whos like im 100kg of muscle haha
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well in a kangaroo v. human, its usualy the kangaroo who is the winner, so we can take this as a triumph for human beings everywhere!
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A bloke I used to work for has done that, needless to say, he was a d1ckhead
^Note: Probably sarcastic
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Yeah, this is really old news. Happened like a month and a half ago.
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That is sick

I love kangaroos.

I'm coming to Australia to kick...his...arse.

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Animal Cruelty is just sick, I refuse to watch the video because I know how pissed off i'll get.
It looks like an Eastern Grey kangaroo. If these pussies tried a Male Red Kangaroo they would have had their arses handed to them
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That's just stupid.
I hope he tries again with a full grown Red.
He'd get his ****ing organs turned into a smoothie.
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If the kangaroo wins its not animal cruelty, its just awesome.
Otherwise it is.
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If the kangaroo wasn't dazed/confused..

Kangaroos have been known to, when cornered, slash out with their claws, and do things like slice open one's stomach.

So, like everyone else has said, if he tried that with a male red, he'd be owned.
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Austalians get all the good animals.


I want that guy to fight this one.
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