Can anyone recommend a good book for learning acoustic guitar, that I can buy from amazon.co.uk, and that teaches me everything there is to know about guitar in an efficient way so I can eventually play like Andy Mckee?
Well, you have to start with basic stuff.Look at different Hal Leonard Books they have very good guitar books for different styles.Try the Hal Leonard Guitar Method books.
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There are some great sources to learn over the Internet and they are free. There are plenty of people teaching Guitar for beginners on YouTube, and if you have iTunes, there are plenty of Podcasts which you can learn from. Good Luck!
Try not to waste your money buying DVDs and learning things, people sell those just to take your money. Learning guitar is could be really easy for free. As soon as you learn all the basic chords, you can play pretty much any song you want. Make sure you Practice, Practice, and, Practice.

Resources :-
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Hope this will help you ...............
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