I've seen a few Line 6 flextone amps up for sale- just was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with them- apparently you need to buy the expensive FBV pedal just to access the different amp channels? Do people find the amps are worth the money?
They are very good modeling amps, they literally get any sound you want, since they are based on everything from fenders to mesa's. You don't need an FBV foot pedal to access the channels, there are 4 savable preset channels right on the amp and if you get the FBV express you can switch through them via stomping on them and it also comes with a volume/wah pedal and built in tuner. The FBV shortboard allows you to save up to 32 (I think) presets and instantly recall them. It also has everything the express has and I think it also has an FX loop on/off button, it has other buttons too but I can't remember them right now. I just sold mine because it has too many sounds that I don't use, but if you play many different styles this is the amp for you.
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I think they're great amps, one of the better modeling amps out there. I'd prefer one to a Valvetronix or Cube.

Look for a used one, they often go for under 400. The FBV Express pedal also goes for 50-75 used, but the FBV2 pedal, the basic switching one, is only 30 bucks brand new.

My buddy just picked up a Flextone for 250 bucks. Great deal!