This is my first post on this site. (I hope I am posting to the right place, I had posted this message in the pit and people responded that I didn't post my message in the right place) It feels good to be here. I am a beginning guitar player (approximately 1 year) and I know some basic open chords, and in my opinion, can play them pretty nicely.

I have now been working on StairWay to Heaven and some of the chords that I am trying to play, I am finding it extremly difficult getting them to sound clean.

I am begining to wonder if I have the stature to play guitar. I am about 5'6 and I don't have very big hands and a bit owerweight.

My 3 and 4th fingers keeping muting the stings below it, and sometimes I try so hard not to mute the strings that my left hand and arm hurts- and I still mute the below strings.

Is this part of the learning process or is it a physical attribute thing?
I was thinking about getting a wide-thin neck, but they are so expensive. I went to guitar center and tried one, but I was still having difficulty. The guitar was a Paul Reed Smith and it was extremely expensive: 2, 800 dollars !!!

Any advice would be greatly appreicated.
Thanks in advance.
Try adjusting your arm and wrist, also make sure your fingers are arched at the knuckle. Relax and don't try to press harder...it's probably just the position of your wrist....try moving the palm of your hand forward, away from the back of the neck.
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im a big guy too so trust me its not that, its all about how you hold your hand. just keep at it and make sure you're angling your wrist properly. i recommend lessons to make sure you have a good technique. its not easy for everybody at first but if you keep practicing properly eventually you'll be playing crazy chords that other guitarists will look at and go "how the hell does he get his hands to do that!?!?!?!" the answer will always be "practice"
The size of yours hands matters very very little, look at Alexi Laiho.
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Practice is the word.
Leave the PRS until you can play a bit better
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