Which of these amp would be best for a Killswitch Engage/ In Flames-type tone: Bugera 6260, Randall RH150G3 or Randall RH50T?

Also needs to be relitavely quite, but it fairly easy for me to get a NS-2, so not a major issue.
Reliability also needs to be fairly good, so if you know how reliable any of these are feel free to tell me.
If you think there is a better amp under £500 then please,please comment.


the bugera is the best amp that you've listed, but why not just go and try out the different amps you want?
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i would say the Bugera 6260 for sure. the Randall G3 amp is pretty decent for being a hybrid amp. has a single tube for the preamp along with a mosfet power out put.

and if you get a noise suppresser. try a MXR smart gate or a ISP decimater. the boss pedal doesnt work that well at all, well IMO.
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