Hi, im considering purchasing a SZR720 Ibanez, also have been looking at some schecters.

Is the SRZ720 any good? i dont see how i can go wrong with it especially since it has a fixed bridge. WHat are your oppinions on it?

Im not after a main guitar, i just really have always liked this guitar, so im asking you, as a guitar, is it quality?

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Ive got the sz 320 with the wine red body thing paint (no piano shiny thing). They are really nice guitars.
And the 720 is just the prettier with all the shiny things xD.
The only bad point about the sz series is, that the switch is a bit small and bad placed.
But the quality is good, right out the box playable, no fine tuning.

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naa that sounds ok ill go and check one out, just needed to find out if there was any reason NOT to buy it.
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I played one and it was really nice, played really nice to, but it wasnt anything to fall in love with really. Sound was pretty decent, but i couldnt see anyone playing Hammer Smashed Face on it lmao

Just play it before you buy it because there might be something you like a lot better. I went into the store to play an SZR and ended up playing a Gretsch for the most part, which i liked twice as much.
I personally can't stand the neck's and neck joint + heel.
The most annoying thing ever. It just feels really uncomfortable,
you are better off finding an SZ.
I have the SZ520 and I've never been happier with a guitar. Bridge pickup was a bit weak but thats the only complaint I had. I think the SZR's are basically the same but don't quote me on that
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Yeah its either a SZR750 or nothing, i have fallen in love with the looks. Hopefully i can find one to play. Some schecters have a similar look, and i have played them, their nice as, but i really love the looks of the iba
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