okay basically i just bought korg ax5g multi-effect pedal..
im a beginner and i wanted to practice my hammer-ons and pull-offs..
but the problem is .. i cant boost the treble or gain so that it will be sensitive...
im using epiphone electric guitar, ashton GA-208r..
i just starting playing guitar for around 4 months and yeahhh im quite frustrated
i cant really solve the problem..
any help ?
but i've already bought that amplifier .. is there any other way besides getting a high gain amp ? are there any settings that i need to do to practice hammer-ons and pull-offs ?
the guy said AMP MODEL not buy a new amp. use a high gain amp model from your pedal. make your own setting.
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Yeah^. .. Look at the drive/amp settings on your AX5G. US Modern, UK Modern are both hi gain models. Also the Metal and Shred drive is high gain.
randy rhoads himself said not to practice that shit with high gain, but instead to practice this stuff (hammer ons/offs, tapping, etc) with a really CLEAN sound.
essentially, relying on gain to give you the sound will rob you of precious finger strength.
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so whether is low gain or high gain u still can hammer-ons ?
but isnt it hard ? i mean if relying on finger strengths is like sooo painful isnt it ?
clarify me ~ thx