Okay, just now thought about this.
I babysit about 2-3 times a week so that is usually around $60.
I also give 3 guitar lessons a week and most likely but for now that is also around $60.
Thats 120 bucks a week.
=$480 a month!


Getting more lessons sooner. Thats roughly an average o some weeks I make more/less.

So every month I make around $500.

So what do you guys suggest I do with this.
I plan on saving for a while, but is there any way I could invest it in something to earn money while I wait?
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I earn more than double that from one job, and I have three... but I work too much and don't like it, so technically you win

Aaaaanyways, you can't really invest in much without running the risk of losing it, except government bonds...but I don't know if they exist anywhere other than England.

Best bet is something like a building society and stick it in there...but even then $500 won't get you very far
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Save up for a really nice guitar and/or amp. You're young, so you can use that money as you like. Not many people are able to make the spare money for something like a PRS once they go to university or are trying to make ends meet with a family unless they have a fantastic job. A great guitar will last for life, and retain its value should things go bad. In fact, some gain in value, especially if the manufacturer stops production.
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